Reliatech provides annual, bi-annual, and quarterly preventative maintenance inspections for your metal detector repairs.
With over 20 years in the industry, we have repaired thousands of metal detectors
in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and lumber applications.

During service inspections, Reliatech will:

  • Calibrate and balance the coil and reference voltages
  • Phase the unit to the product and/or to ferrite
  • Assure proper mounting and isolation
  • Tighten or adjust any conveyor items, if possible
  • Identify problems with metal detector and conveyor that cannot be corrected at the time of inspection
  • Set up programming on digital systems and record all settings
  • List metal sample size each unit is able to detect and at what sensitivity this is achieved
  • Provide a detailed report for each metal detector

Reliatech services the following brands:

Reliatech proudly supplies parts for industry leading brand name manufacturers.

We also provide in-house service on metal detectors, as well as reconditioning for wet
or dry units, board repairs, and custom conveyor manufacturing.

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