Reliatech offers nationwide service and products for brand name metal detector and conveyor systems. Our products are backed by a 30-day warranty and come standard with our impeccable customer service. From spare parts to custom conveyors, you’ll find it all at Reliatech.



Our custom conveyor belts can be designed for any size metal detector so you can be sure it fits your specific needs. All Reliatech conveyors are built using stainless steel tubular construction.

  • 120 VAC Washduty Motor
  • Modular Belting
  • Various Rejects
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Control Box

We also offer replacement parts after the sale should you need them, including bearings, belting, sprockets, and more.

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Reliatech proudly supplies parts for industry leading brand name manufacturers.

Fortress, Thermo, Goring Kerr, and Safeline products are all available for your metal detecting needs.
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Test Standards

Reliatech offers a number of Test Standard types depending on your particular application. We offer the metal sphere in sizes ranging from .5 mm Ferrous, Non Ferrous, and 316 Stainless Steel increasing in size by .5 mm increments through and including 8.0 mm. Certificates of Compliance can also be provided for any metal size ordered.

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